ghoulash: the game of pen & paper peril

All about the fun and fast-paced game for two players

Welcome to the home of GHOULASH: The Game of Pen and Paper Peril.

GHOULASH is a fun and fast-paced game for two players, played entirely on paper using our challenging Game Charts. It’s kind of like the old school, paper version of Battleship. Some call it a mini-RPG, in which each player serves as the other’s Game Master.

The object is simple: Destroy the Ghouls. Don’t Die. You win if you’re the first to destroy all the Ghouls hidden in the game. If the Ghouls kill you first, however, you die.

We beg your forgiveness as the site undergoes yet another rebuild. We’re getting things in shape in anticipation of our new Game Books, soon to be the subject of our next Kickstarter campaign.

In the meantime, feel free to download a PDF (230K) of a sample of our Game Chart and rules.

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