Welcome to the home of The Games of GHOULASH

You’re invited to enter the exciting dangerous world of GHOULASH —in which the world has been infested with giant, green, deadly monsters known as Ghouls — through two amazing games:

Clipboards and pens are sold separately.

GHOULASH: The Game of Pen & Paper Peril is a fun and fast-paced game for two players, played entirely on paper using our challenging Game Charts. It’s kind of like the old school, paper version of Battleship. Some call it a mini-RPG, in which each player serves as the other’s Game Master. Learn more.

(Game mat and playing pieces are optional and sold separately.)

GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity is an exciting and challenging game for two to four players in which players venture through a dark and dangerous office building in an attempt to be the first to gain 10 Victory Points through the destruction of Ghouls. Read more.

The object of both games is simple: Destroy the Ghouls. Stay Alive. 

The games will be introduced to the public at the Pensacon 2020 science fiction, comic and fantasy convention in Pensacola, Florida. Thereafter both games will be available on this site and, we hope, your favorite local game store.

In the meantime, feel free to download a sample Game Chart (PDF, 472K) of The Game of Pen & Paper Peril, complete with rules.

Also, download the rules (PDF, 430K) for The Game of Card Calamity.

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