The Mythology

Art by Shawn Surface

Since the creation of GHOULASH in 1982 and its introduction on the Web in 2001, a rich mythology has grown around the game, set in a world where the deadly green Ghouls can strike at any time, wreaking havoc on the terrified population.

Standing in the way of Ghoul domination are the intrepid heroes of the GHOULASH adventures, scientists and soldiers who race against time, treachery and the green monsters themselves to discover a way to eradicate the Ghoul threat forever.

The Setting

In the not-too-distant future, the world somehow has become infested by large, green, soulless monsters known as Ghouls. They can appear at any time and strike with deadly speed. Few citizens go out without being armed against a potential Ghoul attack.

Art by Shawn Surface

Born from a laboratory experiment gone awry, Ghouls are formed from Malectoplasm, a substance accidentally released into the world at large, infesting the entire globe with the massive creatures of destruction.

The Heroes

Art by Shawn Surface

Leading the battle against the frightening Ghoul menace:

DAVID LAKE is the world’s foremost authority on Ghouls and Malectoplasm. His reckless nature and devil-may-care attitude often put him at odds with his cohorts.

PAMELA GRAY developed the chemical formula known as Ghoo, the only substance known to be harmful to Ghouls. Often impatient with Lake, she maintains a level head in a crisis.

CORNEALIUS is a professional Ghoul hunter and currently the bodyguard and teammate of Lake and Gray. He hates Ghouls more than anyone, and has no patience for anything, human or bureaucratic, that stands in the way of a permanent end to the green killers.

GENERAL JAMES HAROLD ZONE is the leader of ADEF, the Aberration Deterrent and Eradication Forces, the government agency tasked with finding a permanent solution to the Ghoul threat. Not only does Zone have to keep his often-independent Field Team of Lake, Gray and Cornealius in line, he also has to protect them from their rivals within their very organization.


Art by Shawn Surface

The deadly creatures known by many as GHOULS are not alive … at least, not according to the strictest definition of the word “life.” They have no central nervous system, no internal organs, no skeletal structure or musculature. As Ghoul expert David Lake puts it, “A Ghoul is a reactionary organism, kind of like a Venus flytrap taken to the extreme.”

Ghouls rise from the green, gelatinous substance Malectoplasm (or ‘plasm), which accumulates in isolated spots, lying dormant until triggered by the presence of a living being. Then the ‘plasm expands, mimics the being’s shape, becomes a Ghoul and attacks, shredding anything within reach with its deadly claws and fangs.


When the Ghoul menace struck, it quickly became an imperative to discover a substance that could effect and even destroy the rampaging monsters.

Under extreme duress, researcher and industrial chemist Pamela Gray was able to create a liquid that could dissolve the Ghoul from within. This purple liquid soon was given the name GHOO.

Ghoo, however, works only when it is blasted into the Ghoul through its weak spot. That’s where Ghoo guns come in. Trouble is, no two Ghouls have the same weak spot. Miss the Ghoul’s weak spot too often and you’re dead.


Charged with eliminating the Ghoul threat is the organization ADEF, or the Aberration Deterrent and Eradication Forces. Blending scientific brilliance with military might and strategy, ADEF investigates unusual incidents of Malectoplasmic manifestation and Ghoul activity. It also serves as a protective force against major Ghoul attacks in populated areas.

Career soldier Gen. James Harold Zone leads ADEF and keeps a close, watchful eye on the organization’s most valuable assets, Professor David Lake and Doctor Pamela Gray, the world’s foremost experts on Ghouls and the possible means of their destruction. The Ghoul hunter Cornealius now is a special soldier in the ADEF ranks and the bodyguard of Lake and Gray.