The Card Game

GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity takes the Ghoul Hunting excitement of the original paper game and expands it into a three-dimensional action-adventure chase for two to four players.

Game mat and playing pieces are optional and are sold separately.

Just as in GHOULASH: The Game of Pen & Paper Peril, the card game is played on a grid, in this case a 3-by-6 pattern of cards known as The Floor. The darkened Floor, one of many in this mysterious building, hides many obstacles, including Holes and Debris, and is infested with the deadly Ghouls, seemingly around every corner.

The Ghouls are of varying strengths — 4, 5 and 6 — and award the player with varying Victory Points — 1, 2 and 3 — upon their destruction. The object of GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity is to be the first player to gain 10 Victory Points through the destruction of Ghouls.

Player turns have two phases, Movement and Action, which can be taken in any order. Players, however, MUST take their Movement phase, but can skip the Action phase, which is the playing of Action cards from their hands. Players also have Special cards, which can be played at any time, even during an opponent’s turn. (Keep an eye out for the Ghoonade, which automatically wins a Ghoul Battle!)

Game creators Joe Suchcicki, left, and Mike Suchcicki, right, play GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity with Scott Cross.

The game can be played right out of the box, but it’s recommended that players use tokens — playing pieces, meeples, coins, etc. — to keep track of their movement through The Floor. We also offer a great game mat with a dramatic depiction of the obstacle-filled building to help bring your game up a notch.

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