Fight For Your Life!

Enter a world infested with the giant, green, deadly monsters known as GHOULS and battle for your life and the lives of billions with the exciting GAMES OF GHOULASH! Whether it’s the original GHOULASH: The Game of Pen & Paper Peril or the thrilling, new GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity, you can bring the amazing adventures into your home by ordering below.

GHOULASH: The Game of Pen & Paper Peril

The original paper game has thrilled players around the world since 2001 and has been translated into SIX different languages! Teachers use it in the classroom to help teach such subjects as math, cartography, problem-solving and even English as a second language!

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Each 32-page book has enough player charts for 16 two-player games, set in four exciting locations — The City, The Lab, The Warehouse and The Temples! All you need to play is a book, two players and two pens! Buying a game book is cheaper than printing it yourself! For ages 7 and older.


Packet of 5 Game Books

Get five books at once and save! Not only that, you’ll be ready for the next game or to share with friends.


Packet of 10 Game Books

This packet of 10 paper game books is great for game clubs, scout troops, classrooms, party gifts, waiting rooms, stocking stuffers and lengthy field trips.


The Pen & Paper Peril Players Pack

This handy Players Pack includes two game books, two official GHOULASH: The Game of Pen & Paper Peril clipboards and two official GHOULASH pens, so you’ll always have the perfect surface and writing implement with which to play!


GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity

Two to four players race through an obstacle-filled building to be the first to gather 10 Victory Points through battle with the deadly Ghouls. Wield your Battle Cards wisely and beware of making the wrong turn! This deck of 72 high-quality cards comes in a sturdy tuck box complete with instruction sheet. For ages 10 and older.

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Official GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity Game Mat

Take your GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity sessions to the next level with this stunning 14-by-24-by-1/16-inch game mat depicting the obstacle-filled building through which the players track the deadly Ghouls. The surface is smooth polyester fabric attached to a base of low-profile, natural open cell, non-skid rubber. It’s a great way to keep your cards — and your game — in place. Set of four color-coded playing pieces included. (Note: Both the game mat and the playing pieces are optional and are not required to play GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity.)


Mike & Joe’s Card Game

Why play just one game when you can play THREE GAMES AT THE SAME TIME with Mike & Joe’s Card Game. For two to six players, this hilarious, madcap game has players juggling three games, Pointz, Peril and Patter, at the same time. Patter is a fast-paced word game in which player attempt to make words from the yellow letters on the cards. Peril is a card-battle game, while Pointz is a board game in which the players’ cards create the game board! For ages 8 and older.


But Wait, There’s More!

Head over to the GHOULASH section at CafePress and pick up some other fun GHOULASH merchandise!

The official Games of Ghoulash T-shirt!
The official Ghoulash Games T-shirt!